Content Marketing

Why Content is Vital to Business Success

Content marketing is considered crucial to online success in 2017. Why? For five major reasons and one ultimate reason.

  • Fresh content ensures your website or online store is frequently searched by SEO spiders, which in turn means your site will appear in a better position in searches
  • Content builds resonance one-to-one with your prospective customers and clients and helps build the relationship that is the precursor to a conversion or sale
  • Content informs, educates, entertains your readership and helps to predispose prospects to your business or brand
  • Great content cuts-through where advertising fails or is blocked
  • Content can go viral and widen your potential customer base beyond initial expectations
There is no better means of clearly, concisely and effectively communicating your marketing message than through fantastic content.

Vicki Jeffels

Digital Discussions

Digital Discussions’ Content Marketing Process

The First Phase – Discovery

We need to discover so many things – what makes our client tick? what makes our client’s marketing sing? who are the people our client is trying to reach? Where do those people hang out, online?

It’s all about discovery.

Before we can even start stroking a keyboard we need to have a discussion with our client, where we drill down to make these kinds of discoveries. This part of the process can happen online through email or message, via Skype, or face to face over a cup of coffee in a cafe somewhere. However we go about it, this discussion is crucial as it helps us to build a framework for our plan.

We pay particular attention to what matters to our client. After all, we are working on their behalf and we do not take that responsibility lightly.

At this point, we are often told by our client that they can write up the content, as they know good basic business English, and they know their products and services back to front. We can work from this pre-prepared groundwork but we prefer to tackle the task with objectivity.

We know from experience that our client might not have The Right Words for their intended online marketing project.

Creative, effective Content Marketing is a skill borne out of experience, knowledge and professional flare. We encourage our clients to allow us to bring our extensive experience and expertise to their table, but first, we need to define:

  • the client message
  • the buyer persona(s) the client wishes to reach
  • other marketing messaging
  • brand guidelines, tone of voice
  • social media channels that will work hard for our client

Then, we need to craft a plan on how we will deliver creative content.

The Second Phase – The Plan

The Plan is our second phase. This is where we not only draft how the content will flow and touch the key points expressed in Phase One, but it is also where we decide how we will measure the project’s success.

Without measurement, how will we know if the project has been a success?

We set up Google Analytics, and other measures for web traffic and we establish milestones we wish to reach as the project plays out. Part of this focus on measurement is ensuring that we remain focused on meaningful not vanity metrics. (Read more here about vanity metrics)

We then establish Buyer Personas, our candid snapshots of the expected audience for our content marketing efforts. Part of these snapshots is defining geographic, demographic and psychographic understanding of these people. We attempt to get into our buyer’s persona’s head so that we can truly understand what imagery, words, video and other content will resonate with them.

Search Engines and Social Media

The Plan will also touch on SEO in the form of taglines, keywords and exposure, though we thoroughly understand that Google’s stated advice to content creators is to ‘write for people, not search engines.’ These days Google has gone one step further and insists that we focus on creating content that addresses micro-moments.

The Third Phase – Production

Production is the delivery of the Content Marketing plan. It could involve written content, images and video. Digital Discussions’ content creators are well versed in creating content that cuts through the marketing puffery to the real, intrinsic message.

We create content that resonates.


Content may be scheduled to appear on a website, as part of an eDM campaign or automated email marketing campaign or it could be posted on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Content may be short form, long form (a downloadable guide, or white paper), it may appear in the form of a quiz or an entertaining video. It could be part of a Live video performance or a How To webinar series.

Content may also be a one-off campaign, or a regular scheduled approach such as an email newsletter or blog or Facebook content campaign.

After the campaign has completed we will also assess the performance and run the analytics, so that we can gather information about what campaign touch points worked and what could be improved next time.

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