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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our digital marketing training courses!

After ten years of training and coaching small business owners, Marketing Managers, and Digital Marketing students around the world we are now offering our unique training programmes – all available online, right here!

  • Upskill and expand your traditional marketing knowledge
  • Learn how to market your own small business
  • Develop your team on-site with discreet, tailormade training delivered online


Professional Tuition

Our courses are developed by our principal Vicki Jeffels who has extensive experience in teaching within the corporate environment and for notable academic institutions.

Vicki is also a degree qualified presenter (ATCL Trinity College, London), Toastmaster trained speaker and presenter, and voiceover artist. Her presentation style is entertaining as well as educational.

But most notably of all, Vicki has a knack for making the technical and complicated simple and easy-to-understand.

To peruse the available courses please click below.