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Successful Content we have written

Our clever writers at Digital Discussions have written about numerous subjects including considerable content about New Zealand – its scenery, its people, its business environment, and life in New Zealand.

Much of this content has taken blog post form and was created for a variety of clients both within New Zealand and overseas. We have written content encouraging tourists to come to New Zealand (tailored specifically to the target market eg/ China, US, Australia, UK) and we have written extensively about business in New Zealand and the lifestyle of New Zealanders.

We have also created content tailored specifically for the New Zealand audience, out of content created for American audiences. This cultural tailoring is fundamental to ensuring that content is perceived to be ‘home grown’ by New Zealanders and therefore resonant. In our experience, much of the content produced for New Zealanders’ consumption by overseas marketers miss the mark completely and is unceremoniously dismissed by New Zealand audiences.

Contact us for further information if you are interested in tailoring your website, online store or marketing collateral to New Zealand audiences.


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