How Your Business Can Get the Expert Digital Marketing Help It Needs (without paying expert prices!)

You’re running around like crazy, the website’s up, you’ve written four blog posts and your business cards are at the printers. It’s all go, crazy busy. There’s just one problem with your digital marketing.

You don’t have customers.

Well, you have one and he’s taking all your time and in between servicing his account and trying to get started up your business is not really growing. Your one big customer is the same one, the only one you’ve had since you first opened the doors. Deep down you know you need Digital Marketing help, but even deeper down you also know you can’t afford it.

Small business often encounter a real problem when it comes to managing their online presence. Often they will hire one, two, or perhaps even a small team of digital marketers to take care of their needs. This is a highly costly exercise for smaller businesses and is often not sustainable.

The problem

In this day and age, businesses can’t afford to opt out of online, so it’s essential they have professionals taking care of their digital marketing needs; when it comes managing website design, SEO, Social Media and general digital marketing, you’re going to need someone who knows what they’re talking about. But unless you’re a large corporate, it’s unlikely you’ll need them 40 hours a week, every week.

This often leaves smaller businesses and startups in an awkward position: one option is to hire a pro to take care of your digital marketing. This sounds like a great idea at first – and if you have enough work for them, it may be. However, many smaller businesses don’t realistically have enough work to occupy a good Digital Marketer full-time. This means that no matter how good a job they do, it’s difficult to justify the trade-off of providing at least one additional full-time salary, as well as any of the other benefits businesses provide their employees. Much of the time, this simply isn’t worth it.

What’s the alternative?

Outsourcing your digital marketing to an agency is a great way of managing your business’s workload. Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency of pros keeps your business lean, mean and agile. Your Digital Marketing doesn’t have to be a huge drain on your resources – when used right the world of digital should be giving you great value for your investment.

Hiring one Digital wiz can be very useful, but no matter how resourceful they may be, they simply don’t have the range and speed that a Digital Marketing Agency can offer. For many small companies, it’s simply financially impossible to maintain a team which fulfils all their business’s digital marketing needs. By using a digital marketing agency, however, you can harness all the advantages of a fully fledged team, without nearly the same cost associated with it.  

And the thing is, if you’re hiring a Digital Marketing Agency to take care of your business online, it’s still going to cost you considerably less than if you hire full-time staffers to take care of the same work.

Advantages of hiring a Digital Marketing Agency over permanent staff

  • More cost effective
  • Digital Agencies have a larger pool of specialists and talent to draw on for any given project, ensuring you get the best possible outcome every time
  • Help prevent staff ‘bloat’
  • Digital Agencies are highly motivated to keep your business, and will often go above and beyond to make their customers happy.

The naysayers

Businesses are often concerned about outsourcing, saying those external to the company have less stake in it, and therefore are less likely to give the work the care and respect it deserves. This may be true of a particularly incompetent digital marketing agency, but the digital marketing business is quite competitive – if an agency consistently leaves clients unhappy and uncared for, they won’t be around for very long!

Also remember that if you’re employing a Digital Marketing Agency, they’ll want to make you happy, because they’ll want to ensure more business from you in the future. At the end of the day, if you’re hiring a Digital Marketing Agency, you’re hiring experts – they are very good at analysing businesses and adapting content and activities for different brands which cater to their unique needs.

When it comes down to it, the value provided by Digital Marketing Agencies is ultimately a prospect that is hard to pass up – and why would you?

Until our next Digital Discussion.


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