About Us

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Digital Marketing Strategies and Content Creation

From devising winning concepts to smartly implementing campaigns, we assist organisations in communicating with their customers. Our strategies employ social media, email marketing and inbound marketing, SEO & SEM and clever content to communicate your message.

Training Courses - Online and Onsite

We create courses that learners love to participate in. Whether carried out online or in the classroom, or on site our courses are carefully created to custom fit your learning objectives. We specialise in taming technical topics and in making the complicated, completely understandable. Ask us to recommend a course or to create a custom built course for your team.

Speaking & Teaching

We can provide guest lectures or speaking engagements on a variety of contemporary issues including digital marketing, digital learning design, entrepreneurship and small business marketing. We can also provide professional voicing services for audiobooks and digital media projects. Contact us to chat through your opportunity.

Our story

Our journey in the tech industry begins in the late 1980s when WordPerfect ruled the word-processing world and connection to the internet was announced by the wheeze of dial-up. Since that time we have experienced the delights of Windows and the Mac renaissance. We were there as Facebook gained status, social media influencers burst onto the media scene and blogging mummies became a thing.

We’ve worked in Brand Management (software), Tech PR, ecommerce and in Digital Marketer roles. We have worked in web development (WordPress), in digital marketing education, elearning and in digital media and content creation.

Now we offer the lessons we’ve learnt over the time spent in this crazy industry, to you, our customer.

How can we help you?

Customer reviews

Vicki Jeffels was my tutor in 2017, she was an absolute inspiration to me. We gained valuable insights and industry hacks as well as her teaching us loads of technical knowledge when building websites.
Heleen Donnelley
Digital Marketer
Here in the digital world we think we know what it is all about but do we really? I sought more information about digital marketing and social media marketing and took on a Unitec class taught by Vicki Jeffels. It was a great decision! She teaches students how to present on social media, how to develop effective advertising strategies and creative digital projects that are effective and cost-effective.
Fantastic knowledge of social media and digital marketing shared at her Wellington workshop - I learnt so much!
Meghan Maloney
Vicki was a delightful and highly engaging tutor who was well like by my fellow strudents. Her professionalism, wealth of knowledge and vast experience in Digital Marketing was outstanding. I learnt a great deal from her including blogging, content creation, self-publishing, web dev, and ecommerce.
Justine Koenders
Digital Marketer
Going above and beyond is a cliche that is used far too often in the business world; and yet I will not refrain from using it here, as commitment, dedication and persistence are words that are exemplified here. With a broad skill set and vision to match, DD is on the cutting edge of digital media strategy and can revolutionise your business today.
Joe Young

Our people

Vicki Jeffels

Vicki has been kicking around the marketing world (trad and DM) since the late 1980s. She leads Digital Discussions' band of merry marketing men and women, and when she's not creating killer marketing strategies or lethal social media marketing campaigns, or lecturing on all things digital, she lives by the sea in Half Moon Bay (the NZ one) with her menagerie of fur babies and her long-suffering English-born husband. Mother of three adult children she is also a keen cook, wine taster and fiction writer.

Elina Lechtchinski

Elina is a very experienced professional who holds a degree in Logistics from the University of Auckland. Elina is infamously pragmatic and organised and as well as keeping us in check, she also leads the Project 7 team, a specialist administration and Virtual Assistant business, and sister agency to Digital Discussions. Elina is a skilled writer and superb operations manager and an adroit Digital Marketing Specialist.

Oliver McKay

Oliver is our tech and content guy. A skilled coder he is also an excellent content writer, and is handy with figures to boot! You could say he is a jack of all trades. He previously worked in the fast-paced world of start-up ISP's. An original thinker with a quirky sense of humour and a passion for LARP Oli is a thinker and a doer.

Justine Koenders

Justine was one of the top students in her cohort gaining a Post-Graduate Diploma of Digital Marketing in 2019. She is an analytical DM strategist particularly skilled at creating en-pointe content and creative. Recently relocated to Tauranga from Auckland she is a talented Social Media Marketing Manager and Digital Marketing Manager.